We've organized a comprehensive list of Tennessee nursing schools. Below you'll find information on specific nursing programs such as LPN certificates and ADN, BSN, and MSN degrees. You'll also find a profile of nursing education and careers in each major Tennessee city.

Numerous schools in the Nashville metropolitan area offer accredited nursing programs. These offerings cover a broad range of certificates and degrees. The first step in launching one’s nursing career is understanding the different nursing roles and the required educational programs for each. There are three primary nursing roles from which aspiring nurses can choose.

Johnson City, Tennessee, is home to 2,700 registered nurses (RNs), 1,120 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and 1,560 certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Many of these healthcare professionals earned their diploma, certificate, or degree at a local college or university. The metropolitan area has several options, including East Tennessee State University (ETSU), Milligan College, and Tennessee College of Applied Technology’s Elizabethton campus.

Most master of science in nursing (MSN) degree programs are designed to prepare existing registered nurses (RNs) for specialized fields of nursing practice. Tennessee is home to at least 15 universities with MSN programs, collectively offering more than 30 such programs. Vanderbilt University is the most prolific, with a dozen MSN specializations including nursing administration, adult health nursing, family practice nursing, pediatric nursing, and critical care nursing.

For our 2024 rankings of prelicensure BSN programs, the research team at Nursing Schools Almanac compiled an extensive database of student performance on the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Aspiring registered nurses in the United States must pass this examination before they may commence practice. Thus, student performance on the NCLEX-RN exam provides an excellent benchmark for comparing the relative quality of bachelor’s degree programs.