We've organized a comprehensive list of Louisiana nursing schools. Below you'll find information on specific nursing programs such as LPN certificates and ADN, BSN, and MSN degrees. You'll also find a profile of nursing education and careers in each major Louisiana city.

The Monroe, Louisiana, metropolitan area is home to more than 4,000 nursing professionals. Most of these nurses fill three common roles: registered nurse (RN), licensed practical nurse (LPN), and certified nursing assistant (CNA). Monroe’s nurses frequently launched their careers at local nursing schools, including University of Louisiana at Monroe and Louisiana Delta Community College.

Lake Charles, Louisiana, is home to 1,800 registered nurses (RNs), 1,220 certified nursing assistants (CNAs), 1,200 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and more than 100 nurse practitioners (NPs). Depending on the role, education requirements can range from a brief certificate or diploma program to a graduate-level master of science in nursing (MSN) or doctor of nursing practice (DNP). Fortunately, the nursing schools in the Lake Charles metropolitan area offer programs at all levels.

The Houma-Thibodaux metropolitan area of Louisiana has its fair share of nursing professionals. They work in roles ranging from certified nursing assistant (CNA) to certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Many of these professionals earned their degree or certificate at a local school, such as Nicholls State University or Fletcher Technical Community College.

The Alexandria, Louisiana, metropolitan area is home to approximately 4,500 nurses. Many of these professionals earned their degree or certificate at a local college or university. Prominent examples include Louisiana State University at Alexandria, which offers bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) and associate of science in nursing (ASN) degrees, and Central Louisiana Technical Community College, which has a practical nursing program. Graduates of Alexandria’s best nursing schools are prepared to seek positions at major hospitals and healthcare centers, such as CHRISTUS St.

Nurses at all levels have become absolutely vital to our modern healthcare system. With growing populations in need of care and soaring healthcare costs, nurses today are taking on many of the responsibilities traditionally handled by doctors. These added responsibilities make it critical that nurses have the best training available.

Certified nursing assistant (CNA)

The role nurses play in the healthcare system is expanding, and nurses are taking on many of the responsibilities that have traditionally been entrusted to doctors. In Lafayette and all across the state of Louisiana, all levels of nurses are in high demand. Below, you can read about the main types of nurses in greater detail.

Certified nursing assistant (CNA)