The nursing community in Lafayette, Indiana, consists of more than 2,500 professionals. Registered nurses (RNs) comprise the largest group of nurses, followed by certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Many of these professionals work at major area hospitals such as IU Health Arnett Hospital, Franciscan Health Lafayette Central, and Franciscan Health Lafayette East.

To land a nursing position at these hospitals, a number of role-specific requirements must be met. For example, RNs must obtain a nursing diploma, associate’s degree in nursing (ADN), bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), or master of science in nursing (MSN) from an accredited program. MSN-holders typically work in advanced roles such as nurse practitioner (NP). In addition to a diploma or degree, RNs must pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) before practicing.

Aspiring LPNs must complete a state-approved certificate or associate’s degree program and pass the NCLEX for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). Some employers prefer to hire candidates who are trained to provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), for which a certificate is required.

CNAs must complete a state-approved training program at a community college, vocational school, technical school, hospital, or nursing home. These programs cover the basic principles of nursing and supervised clinical work. Upon completion of the program, graduates must pass a state-administered competency exam.

Responsibilities and salaries also vary substantially by nursing role. For example, RNs administer medicines and treatments, perform diagnostic tests, analyze results, establish patient care plans, and operate medical equipment. They also educate patients and the public about illnesses and injuries, and they often manage teams of junior nursing staff. RNs in Lafayette, Indiana, average approximately $57,800 in annual pay. The top local earners, particularly those with an MSN degree, receive $68,000-$77,000 per year.

LPNs provide basic patient care such as changing bandages, checking blood pressure, helping patients bathe or dress, keeping records on patient health, and listening to patient concerns. The average LPN salary in Lafayette is $42,500, often reaching as high as $47,000-$50,000.

CNAs help patients with routine tasks such as bathing, eating, bathroom visits, repositioning, and transferring. CNAs may also measure patient vital signs and record health concerns. Lafayette CNAs typically earn $24,000-$30,000 annually.

Many nurses earned their certificate or degree at a local school. One of the best options in Lafayette is Purdue University. This Big Ten school offers BSN, MSN, doctor of nursing practice (DNP), and doctor of philosophy (PhD) degrees in nursing. Saint Elizabeth School of Nursing offers a BSN program, while nearby Ivy Tech Community College has associate of science in nursing (ASN) and LPN programs.

If you’re ready to launch your nursing career, look for accredited schools that can help you reach your goals. We’ve compiled below a list of the top schools for nursing in Lafayette, Indiana, to help you get started.

Lafayette nursing schools by NCLEX score

Ivy Tech Community College - Lafayette
3101 South Creasy Lane | Lafayette, Indiana 47903
  • Certificate in Practical Nursing: 97.2% NCLEX pass rate (2011 through 2020)
  • Associate's Degree in Nursing: 89.2% NCLEX pass rate (2011 through 2020)
Purdue University
610 Purdue Mall | West Lafayette, Indiana 47907
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 93.7% NCLEX pass rate (2011 through 2020)
  • Accelerated Second Degree BSN
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Post-Baccalaureate DNP
  • Post-Master's Certificates
St. Elizabeth School of Nursing
1501 Hartford Street | Lafayette, Indiana 47904
  • Diploma in Nursing: 86.4% NCLEX pass rate (2011 through 2020)
School Program NCLEX score Time period
Ivy Tech Community College - Lafayette Certificate in Practical Nursing 97.2% 2011 to 2020
Associate's Degree in Nursing 89.2% 2011 to 2020
Purdue University Bachelor of Science in Nursing 93.7% 2011 to 2020
Accelerated Second Degree BSN
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
Master of Science in Nursing
Post-Baccalaureate DNP
Post-Master's Certificates
St. Elizabeth School of Nursing Diploma in Nursing 86.4% 2011 to 2020