The Hagerstown-Martinsburg metropolitan area is home to 2,480 registered nurses (RNs), 720 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and 1,240 certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Many of these healthcare professionals earned their degree, diploma, or certificate at a local school. A few of the top schools for nursing in the metro area include James Rumsey Technical Institute, which offers LPN and CNA programs, and Blue Ridge Community and Technical College, which has an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) program for aspiring RNs. Each nursing profession has a tailored set of educational and testing requirements for licensure.

There are four pathways to becoming a registered nurse: hospital diploma, ADN, bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), and direct-entry master of science in nursing (MSN). In addition to earning a diploma or degree, RNs must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) before commencing practice. Aspiring LPNs must complete a state-approved certificate or associate’s degree program in practical nursing. They must also pass the NCLEX-PN national licensure exam before commencing practice. Aspiring CNAs must finish a brief training program and pass a state-administered certification test. CNA courses are typically 100 hours in length, including both classroom lectures and hands-on experience.

Graduates of nursing programs in the Hagerstown-Martinsburg metropolitan area will have the education and training to seek employment at major healthcare centers. The region’s largest healthcare providers include Meritus Medical Center, Berkeley Medical Center, Western Maryland Hospital Center, and the Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Salaries at these and other local hospitals are competitive. RNs earn an average of $68,000 annually; the top quartile can earn $76,000 or more per year. LPNs in the metro area earn about $47,000 annually, while the region’s CNAs take home over $28,000 on average.

If you want to launch a nursing career in the Hagerstown-Martinsburg metropolitan area, an accredited school can help you reach your goal. We’ve compiled below a comprehensive list of the metro area’s top nursing schools.

Hagerstown-Martinsburg nursing schools by NCLEX score

Hagerstown Community College
11400 Robinwood Drive | Hagerstown, Maryland 21742
  • Certificate in Practical Nursing: 100.0% NCLEX pass rate (2010-11 through 2019-20)
  • Associate's Degree in Nursing: 94.1% NCLEX pass rate (2010-11 through 2019-20)
Blue Ridge Community and Technical College
13650 Apple Harvest Drive | Martinsburg, West Virginia 25403
  • Associate's Degree in Nursing: 94.9% NCLEX pass rate (2008 through 2012)
James Rumsey Technical Institute
3274 Hedgesville Road | Martinsburg, West Virginia 25403
  • Certificate in Practical Nursing: 81.9% NCLEX pass rate (2009-10 through 2012-13)
School Program NCLEX score Time period
Hagerstown Community College Certificate in Practical Nursing 100.0% 2010-11 to 2019-20
Associate's Degree in Nursing 94.1% 2010-11 to 2019-20
Blue Ridge Community and Technical College Associate's Degree in Nursing 94.9% 2008 to 2012
James Rumsey Technical Institute Certificate in Practical Nursing 81.9% 2009-10 to 2012-13