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As a nursing assistant, the name of your job is certainly indicative of your duties: nursing assistants help registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) in medical facilities of all sorts. Nursing assistants are responsible for keeping patients comfortable, and helping them with everyday tasks like eating, bathing, and getting dressed. Nursing assistants are generally a social group—if you’ve ever had a hospital stay, they are generally the ones who ask how you’re feeling of if you need anything. A big part of their job to keep RNs and LPNs informed about subtle changes in patient wellness. Because of the social role nursing assistants play in the daily lives of patients, they are often perceived as primary caregivers, and can build strong relationships with those in need of care.

One of the major advantages of starting your healthcare career as a nursing assistant is the ease and availability of training programs. In Hawaii, you can become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in less than two months.

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Another appealing aspect to becoming a CNA is that there are plenty of job opportunities in the field. There are close to 5,500 nursing assistants employed in Hawaii, with annual earnings around $30,000, which is higher than the nationwide average. As the baby-boomer generation ages, elderly patients are growing by huge increments, as are opportunities within this growing healthcare profession.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a CNA, take a look at the below list of the best nursing assistant programs in the state of Hawaii.