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The medical community relies heavily upon nursing assistants to help licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered nurses (RNs) to provide for everyday care, helping patients eat, bathe, and get dressed, taking their vital signs, and assisting with their mobility. The role of nursing assistants is vital to the care of patients.

Although it is possible in some facilities to become a nursing assistant with only a high school diploma, there is a growing trend favoring more and more education in the nursing profession. To truly be competitive, aspiring nursing assistants should consider pursuing a CNA program. The CNA program can be completed in as little as several weeks to a few months. Programs include subjects such as interpersonal skills, communication, medical terminology, physiology, gerontology, and hydration, as well as training in CPR and first aid.

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There are currently about 5,250 nursing assistants employed in Delaware, earning salaries in the range of $24,540 and $30,490 per year. In Wilmington alone, where pay for nursing assistants is the highest in the state, there are approximately 3,520 jobs for CNAs. The salary in Wilmington is in the range of $25,380 and $32,670 per year. Some of the major employers of nursing assistants in Delaware are Saint Francis Hospital, Christiana Hospital, Kent General Hospital, Nanticoke Memorial Hospital, and Milford Memorial Hospital.

If you’re interested in becoming a nursing assistant, take a look below, where you’ll find a comprehensive list of all of the Delaware schools that offer certified nursing assistant (CNA) programs.

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Dawn Career Institute
3700 Lancaster Pike, Suite 105 | Wilmington, Delaware 19805
  • Nursing Assistant Certificate
Delaware Technical Community College - Stanton / Wilmington
333 North Shipley Street | Wilmington, Delaware 19801
  • Nursing Assistant Certificate