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Programs include LPN/LVN, ADN, BSN, MSN, and more

The variety of training programs in Saint Paul, Minnesota, offers plenty of opportunities for candidates seeking to become nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses (LPNs), or registered nurses (RNs).

Nursing assistant programs
Nursing candidates seeking immediate employment and affordable education should examine Saint Paul’s nursing assistant programs. Designed to last only eight to ten weeks, nursing assistant programs efficiently confer the required nursing knowledge and communication skills. As a result, nursing assistants are skilled members of the healthcare team who mainly provide bedside care and drug administration to elderly, disabled, or rehabilitating patients. Over 15,000 nursing assistants are currently employed in Saint Paul, earning up to $30,000 annually.

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Licensed practical nursing programs
Those seeking a more advanced position with greater earnings potential can pursue an LPN degree. More demanding than nursing assistant programs, licensed practical nursing programs often require 12 to 18 months followed by a national licensure exam. Training and education include theoretical learning and extensive practice, ensuring licensed practical nurses develop a versatile skillset. Saint Paul College can provide you with the best education options, including substantial training and exposure to fieldwork.

Registered nursing programs
Devoted students are encouraged to pursue a registered nursing degree. With several years of focused training, a registered nurse becomes well versed in advanced science, nursing theory, nursing informatics, psychology, and case management. In particular, bachelor of science in nursing degrees prepare candidates for administrative positions open only to college graduates. Registered nurses can operate independently as well as in cooperation with physicians.

Aspiring students can choose from Saint Paul’s major colleges and universities, including Bethel University, Metropolitan State University, Saint Catherine University, or University of Northwestern.

To start your nursing career in Saint Paul, Minnesota, peruse our below list of the top programs in the city.

Saint Paul nursing schools by NCLEX score

Metropolitan State University
700 East Seventh Street | Saint Paul, Minnesota 55106
Master's in Registered Nursing: 96.1% NCLEX pass rate (2010 through 2011)
Bachelor's in Registered Nursing: 85.7% NCLEX pass rate (2009 through 2012)
Programs offered: Doctor's in Nursing Science
Bethel University
3900 Bethel Drive | Saint Paul, Minnesota 55112
Bachelor's in Registered Nursing: 89.5% NCLEX pass rate (2009 through 2012)
Programs offered: Graduate Certificate in Registered Nursing; Master's in Nursing Administration; Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration; Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education
Saint Paul College
235 Marshall Avenue | Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Certificate in Licensed Practical Nursing: 82.4% NCLEX pass rate (2009 through 2012)
Programs offered: Associate's in Licensed Practical Nursing; Certificate in Nursing Assistant
St Catherine University - Saint Paul
2004 Randolph Avenue | Saint Paul, Minnesota 55105
Bachelor's in Registered Nursing: 81.6% NCLEX pass rate (2009 through 2012)
Programs offered: Master's in Adult Health Nursing; Graduate Certificate in Adult Health Nursing; Master's in Maternal Health, Child Health, and Neonatal Nursing; Master's in Pediatric Nursing; Graduate Certificate in Pediatric Nursing; Master's in Registered Nursing; Doctor's in Registered Nursing; Graduate Certificate in Registered Nursing
University of Northwestern - St Paul
3003 Snelling Avenue North | Saint Paul, Minnesota 55113
Programs offered: Bachelor's in Registered Nursing