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Idaho, the 11th smallest state in the US in terms of population, currently employs 12,150 registered nurses. Like the rest of the country, the demand for nurses in Idaho is growing steadily due to increasing health care needs and the fact that fewer Americans are taking nursing courses.

Local private and public universities steadily supply the nursing workforce in Idaho. Four of the major full-term private nursing schools in Idaho are Brigham Young University (BYU), Northwest Nazarene University, Carrington College, and Stevens-Henager College. There are also a number of large public colleges and universities in Idaho offering both short-term and full-term nursing courses, including Boise State University and Idaho State University.

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According to, Boise St., BYU, and Idaho St. are Idaho’s top providers of bachelor’s in registered nursing graduates, totaling 474 in 2013. BYU and the College of Southern Idaho awarded 303 associate’s degrees in nursing, a two-year course that qualifies graduates to take the state board exam for nurses prior to being licensed. Meanwhile, only two major schools in Idaho offer a master’s in registered nursing: Boise St. and Idaho St.

The top colleges for an associate’s degree in licensed practical nursing (LPN) are Carrington College and the College of Southern Idaho, with a total of 120 graduates. This course takes 12-18 months to complete, and graduates need to pass a final test prior to actual licensing in the state.

A list of the best nursing schools in Idaho based on number of graduates per year, from largest to smallest, is included below.