We've organized a comprehensive list of Mississippi nursing schools. Below you'll find information on specific nursing programs such as LPN certificates and ADN, BSN, and MSN degrees. You'll also find a profile of nursing education and careers in each major Mississippi city.

Registered nurses (RNs) fill a wide variety of fundamental roles in the healthcare system. They plan, implement, and assess individualized care for patients, while also teaching and supervising a team of other nurses and support staff. This high level of responsibility has made RNs in high demand. If you aspire to become an RN, you can choose to pursue either an associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) or a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), each of which has its respective advantages.

Associate’s degree in nursing

The licensed practical nursing (LPN) program offers a gateway to a rewarding career in healthcare, and it only requires a year to complete. If you’re interested in starting a career as an LPN, there are many reputable institutions in Mississippi with LPN programs. Below, you can read about the job description, educational program, and career prospects in greater detail.

The role of an LPN

If you are a naturally compassionate person with strong interpersonal communication skills and a desire to help people, you could find a rewarding career as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). In Mississippi, there are several options for CNA programs, all of which can be completed in a matter of weeks. Below, you can find more information about becoming a CNA to help you decide if this is the career for you.

The role of a CNA

Many community colleges in Mississippi offer nursing programs that focus on vocational and career development. Given the short duration of these programs, aspiring nurses can use them to fast-track their careers. Those who qualify as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) can expect a median salary of $35,000, while those who achieve licensure as a registered nurse (RN) can anticipate a median salary of $55,000.

Licensed practical nurse pathways