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San Diego County is home to one the nation’s largest populations of nursing professionals. Approximately 23,670 registered nurses (RNs) live in the area, as well as 8,320 certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and 5,170 licensed vocational nurses (LVNs). These skilled professionals work at a variety of top hospitals and healthcare centers, such as Tri-City Medical Center, San Diego Hospice & Palliative Care Center, Kindred Hospital, and Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

San Antonio is the second-largest city in Texas, and it is home to more nurses than almost any other city in the state. The broader San Antonio metropolitan area has over 16,500 registered nurses (RNs), more than 6,700 licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), and almost 6,200 certified nursing assistants (CNAs). Salaries are high as well. San Antonio’s RNs earn an average of $66,170 per year. The city's LVNs earn $42,490 annually, and its CNAs take home $23,390 per year.

New York is home to an impressive population of almost 170,000 registered nurses (RNs), 50,000 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and 100,000 certified nursing assistants (CNAs). While these professionals practice in every city across the state, Rochester certainly has its fair share. The city is home to 10,480 RNs, 3,660 LPNs, and 6,100 CNAs. Rochester also offers some of the best career opportunities for nursing professionals, with competitive salaries to boot.

Pittsburgh is home to a number of reputable nursing programs. These include traditional four-year institutions like Chatham University, University of Pittsburgh, and La Roche University, as well as specialized schools of nursing at institutions like UPMC St. Margaret, Heritage Valley Kennedy, and West Penn Hospital. With a plethora of options, the city’s prospective nursing students can be assured of a high-quality, hands-on nursing education.

The city of Philadelphia employs the largest number of nurses in Pennsylvania and offers the most competitive wages to nurses in all pathways. Prospective nurses can enroll in one of at least thirty local schools that offer accredited nursing programs, including the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, and Drexel University.

The Orlando metropolitan area is home to a number of institutions with high-quality nursing degree and certificate programs. It is therefore crucial to understand the different pathways available for a nursing career.

There are around 7,830 certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in the Orlando area. Although a CNA holds an entry-level position, the job nevertheless requires professional responsibility and calls for excellent interpersonal skills. Students who wish to attend a CNA program can apply to public higher education institutions such as Orlando Tech.

Numerous schools in the Nashville metropolitan area offer accredited nursing programs. These offerings cover a broad range of certificates and degrees. The first step in launching one’s nursing career is understanding the different nursing roles and the required educational programs for each. There are three primary nursing roles from which aspiring nurses can choose.