We've organized a comprehensive list of Michigan nursing schools. Below you'll find information on specific nursing programs such as LPN certificates and ADN, BSN, and MSN degrees. You'll also find a profile of nursing education and careers in each major Michigan city.

An associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) is one of several educational pathways for those interested in a nursing career. More than forty ADN programs are available in Michigan, presenting those interested in them with a variety of choices. It is important to be aware of the different advantages in terms of emphasis, scheduling, and flexibility that each program may offer.

Attending an ADN program in Michigan

Registered nurses (RNs) play a critical role in the healthcare system. Not only do they provide bedside care for patients, but they also shoulder added responsibilities, including administering medication and making critical patient care decisions. RNs have the opportunity to work in leadership positions, supervising certified nursing assistants and licensed practical nurses on their teams. For those interested in such a crucial role, it is important to understand the requirements to become certified.

Training as a registered nurse

Becoming certified as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) is one of several ways to enter the nursing profession. Licensed practical nurses work with doctors and registered nurses in a variety of care settings. They perform tasks that range from basic bedside care, to conducting tests and procedures, to administering medications.

Training to become a licensed practical nurse

A certification as a nursing assistant is one of the options open to students interested in pursuing a nursing career in Michigan. Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) play an important role in patient care, helping patients carry out everyday living tasks in a range of long-term care settings. By federal regulations, all nursing assistants must be registered in order to practice. To do so in the state of Michigan, one must complete a recognized training program and complete the certification tests.

Training to become a nursing assistant

There are various courses available in Michigan for individuals who wish to pursue a nursing career, each one tailored to a specific type of nursing certification. With over 80 institutions offering programs in nursing education, Michigan provides a wealth of options for aspiring nurses to gain certification as a nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse, or registered nurse.

Nursing assistant