We've organized a comprehensive list of Oklahoma nursing schools. Below you'll find information on specific nursing programs such as LPN certificates and ADN, BSN, and MSN degrees. You'll also find a profile of nursing education and careers in each major Oklahoma city.

Despite being an entry-level position, the certified nursing assistant (CNA) holds many responsibilities. A CNA takes care of a patient’s daily needs, such as grooming, bathing, and completing household tasks. The role requires only a brief training course, typically several weeks to a few months in length, in order to gain certification. The median income of a CNA in Oklahoma is $21,500. We profile several of the state’s top nursing assistant programs below.

Canadian Valley Technology Center

The state of Oklahoma has 26,000 registered nurses (RNs), 12,000 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and 17,000 certified nursing assistants (CNAs). To meet this high demand from employers, Oklahoma’s colleges and universities offer a broad range of nursing education programs. Prospective nursing students can choose to attend a large public university with state-of-the-art facilities, or a private college with limited class sizes. Below we profile examples of both types of nursing schools.

University of Oklahoma

Students who aspire to a nursing career should carefully consider the financial costs before enrolling in a nursing program. The all-in cost of school includes not only tuition and fees, but also books and supplies, room and board, and miscellaneous living expenses. These costs can vary significantly based on several factors, including length of program and type of institution. Below we analyze the cost to attend nursing school at several of Oklahoma’s top institutions.

Oklahoma City University

Oklahoma’s four-year institutions include public universities, private universities, liberal arts colleges, and career colleges. The state is home to roughly 30 college or university campuses with a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree program. Oklahoma also has five universities that offer one or more master's degree programs in nursing. Bachelor’s and master’s programs are increasingly valuable as nursing employers demonstrate a growing preference for advanced degrees.

Oklahoma has three primary nursing roles. In order of increasing responsibility and pay, these roles are certified nursing assistant (CNA), licensed practical nurse (LPN), and registered nurse (RN). Each nursing role carries distinct educational requirements.

Certified nursing assistants must complete a brief certificate program. This CNA certificate can be earned within eight to ten weeks at a number of community colleges and technology centers throughout Oklahoma. The state’s CNAs earn a median annual salary of $21,490.