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One of the fastest growing fields in healthcare is healthcare systems administration. The projected 20 percent growth rate in employment from 2016 to 2026 will be driven by an aging baby-boom population and the people in this group who remain active later in life. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as the demand for physicians and other healthcare workers, healthcare facilities, and medical procedures increases, the need for skilled managers who organize and manage medical information and healthcare staff will continue to grow. There should also be increased demand for nursing care facility administrators as the population grows older.

The BLS reports that in addition to rising employment demand, the need to replace managers who retire over the next decade will result in openings as well. Candidates with a master of science in nursing (MSN) in health administration or a related field, as well as knowledge of healthcare IT systems, will likely have the best prospects.

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To help fill the demand for skilled healthcare systems administrators, most nursing schools offer programs leading to an MSN. Many of these schools offer flexible online programs that allow students to continue working while earning their degree. Some options include Baker College, Colorado Technical University, SUNY Empire State College, and California Southern University. Besides job growth and stability, graduates from these top online nursing schools can expect to earn higher salaries.

The median annual wage for healthcare systems administrators was $96,540 in May 2016. Those working in state, local, and private hospitals averaged $104,340 and those working in government averaged $104,110. High performers earned more than $172,240 and the highest paid administrators, those working in pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing, earned $216,910.

If you want to start earning more, enroll in an MSN program today. We’ve compiled below a list of top online nursing schools for an MSN in healthcare systems administration to help you get started.