When choosing a nursing program, it is important to understand not only the costs associated with higher education, but also the type of return to expect upon earning a degree.

Depending on the type of nursing degree, tuition fees at a public university can range anywhere from $16,800 to $30,000. At a private university, this cost can more than double. Beyond tuition, classes often require textbooks and resources, with costs ranging from $1,600 to $3,000. While students can always purchase their books from the campus bookstore, cheaper options such as textbook rental help to bring costs down.

Students who do not live within commuting distance to the university also need to factor in the costs of living on campus. In 2014, the typical on-campus cost for a nursing student was roughly $7,500.

While obtaining a nursing degree can be expensive, nurses can earn anywhere from $56,000 to $145,640 annually upon graduation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With this salary, many nursing students are able to pay off their educational debts within a reasonable amount of time, especially since nurses are currently in such high demand.

To help you find the best accredited nursing school in Arkansas, we have compiled below a list of the state’s top nursing programs and organized them from most to least expensive.

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Jefferson Regional Medical Center School of Nursing
Diploma in Nursing (24-month program): tuition and fees $9,845, books and supplies $1,751, room and board $0
School Program Length Tuition & fees
Jefferson Regional Medical Center School of Nursing Diploma in Nursing 24 months $9,845