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Career colleges are great options for students who are unable to make the longer-term commitment to a four-year university. These institutions exist in order to place graduates into specific vocations, ensuring that important technical jobs requiring large numbers of workers are always filled. Nursing is a prime example of such a vocation.

There are other reasons to attend a community college beyond pursuing a specific vocation. Some students earn the chance to work within their community, in family or neighborhood businesses, if they complete basic certification in their chosen fields. Others further their careers or even build the foundation to assist them in changing careers by attending technical colleges.

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AVTEC, Alaska's Institute of Technology, offers certificates in nursing assistant and licensed practical nursing (LPN) in 12-18 month programs, as well as an associate's degree in registered nursing within two years. PeaceHealth and the Department of Veterans Affairs are the top nurse employers in the state, hiring from a variety of nursing programs.

Additionally, Alaska offers some of the top wages for nurses in the country. A nursing assistant makes an average of $35,120 a year within the state, which is the salary other states pay LPNs. Those with LPN certification can make close to $60,000 annually in Anchorage. As in other states, nurses of all career levels are currently in high demand.

Our list of top vocational schools can help make sure you attend and graduate from the best career college with nursing programs in Alaska.


Alaska Career College
  • Associate's Degree in Nursing
School City Programs offered
Alaska Career College Anchorage
  • Associate's Degree in Nursing

Other Alaska cities

Ilisagvik College
  • Nursing Assistant Certificate
School City Programs offered
Ilisagvik College Barrow
  • Nursing Assistant Certificate