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Rhode Island is expected to face a significant nursing shortage over the next ten to fifteen years. Students can address this gap and launch their nursing careers by enrolling in a certified nursing assistant (CNA) certificate program. CNAs assist patients with daily needs like eating, bathing, and using the restroom. They are also equipped with essential life skills like CPR. A CNA therefore plays a crucial and important role on every healthcare team.

CNA certificate programs are relatively short, ranging from several weeks to a few months in length. They must contain at least 100 hours of instruction to gain state approval. Rhode Island mandates that all CNA courses be completed in 90 days; however, most students are able to finish the program in a month or two. Upon completion, students must pass the CNA certification exam to be listed on the Rhode Island Nurse Assistant Registry. The state’s median income for a CNA is $28,030.

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Community College of Rhode Island offers an excellent CNA program with a diverse schedule of morning, afternoon, and evening classes. The program includes 92 hours of classroom and laboratory learning and 32 hours of clinical training in a nursing facility. Tuition for the program costs $850 (excluding a $5 registration fee), and registration opens every eight to twelve weeks. Upon graduation, students can apply for jobs with major local healthcare employers like Westerly Hospital and Genesis Healthcare.

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