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New Hampshire’s healthcare industry is growing rapidly. Well over 20,000 nurses are employed across the state, including more than 8,000 certified nursing assistants (CNAs), 2,000 licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and 12,000 registered nurses (RNs).

With this employer demand, New Hampshire’s aspiring nurses have ample opportunity to find a good job. The first step is completing the relevant education. New Hampshire has over 15 accredited nursing schools, including a healthy mix of community colleges, large public universities, and small private colleges. A student’s choice of nursing school depends on her goals, since each school has its distinct advantages. Community colleges are typically the least expensive route to nursing licensure. Large public universities have significant student resources like libraries and laboratories, and they usually offer the most vibrant social life. While private universities are often the most expensive, they provide small class sizes that enable a personal and individualized learning experience.

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One advantage of four-year colleges and universities, both public and private, is that students can pursue a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree. Employers are increasingly preferencing BSN-holders when hiring registered nurses, due to the evolving and complex nature of U.S. healthcare. However, a bachelor’s degree requires four years of fulltime study. Students who wish to enter the workforce quickly may pursue an associate’s degree first and then later enroll in an RN-to-BSN degree completion program.

To help New Hampshire’s nursing students survey their options, we’ve gathered a complete list of the state’s accredited nursing programs. You’ll find them ordered below by class size.

Manchester / Nashua area

Rivier University
Associate's Degree in Nursing: 40 students during the 2018 period
Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 34 students during the 2018 period
School Program Class size
Rivier University Associate's Degree in Nursing 40 students
Bachelor of Science in Nursing 34 students